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Hair Bonding

what is non-surgical hair replacement/hair Bonding?

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement /hair bonding is a process of patching the bald area with wigs made from original human hair. Read more about Hair Bonding process on our page.

Is hair Hair Bonding suitable for completely bald people?

No, hair bonding can be done only to the partial bald scalp.

What is the difference between hair wigs & hair patch (hair system, hairpiece, hair unit)?

Hair patch is a kind of hair wigs but they are smaller in size & very natural looking than the full wigs. Hair wigs are suitable only for completely bald scalp

What is hair bonding, hair weaving & hair silicon system?

Hair Bonding, Hair Weaving & Hair Silicon system are the different techniques of Hair replacement/ Hair Fixing.

How long does it take to have hair bonding?

Hair Bonding procedure about 1 – 2 hours.

Is silicone gel is safe for skin?

Yes, silicone gel is safe for the skin.

Can I take a bath after silicone hair fixing?

Yes, you can take bath normally after fixing.

Can I thoroughly brush my hair?

Yes, daily brushing and combing are essential for keeping your Hair system in good condition and prevent matting and tangling.

Do I have to use specific products to maintain hair system?

No, you are free to use any products (shampoo, Conditioner) you desire.

Is hair replacement/ hair fixing is suitable for both ladies  & gents?

Yes, Hair replacement/ Hair Fixing is suitable for both.

Is hair replacement/ hair fixing looks natural?

Yes, It gives you the 100% natural look; no one can make out whether you have done the Hair replacement.

Which hairstyle or hair look I can get after hair replacement or hair fixing?

Our experienced team of hair experts specialize in the latest hair replacement techniques can provide you with any hairstyle or Hair look.

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