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At Assure Cosmetic Studio, beard transplant procedure is done by the popularised Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUE) technique. Just like an FUE hair transplant, we’ll take healthy hair follicles from a donor area on the scalp, your Surgeon will place them onto the facial areas where you lack dense and full beard hair.

After Beard transplant, our surgeon will take the utmost care as they place each of the grafts, paying particular notice to the angle and direction of the follicles so that we can provide a truly natural appearance with perfect beard line and shape

Once your beard transplant procedure has been completed, we will provide you with recommended medicines, So that you go through how to take the best care for your new facial hair.

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we at Cosmetic Studio provide all types of trichology solution includes Hair transplant, Hair Bonding, Hair weaving, Mesotherapy,Stem cell, Bio- fiber Hair Transplant,Hair Extension etc.

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Now skin problems will no more bother your beauty, we provide most of the skin care solutions with the help of cosmetics ,medications and Equipments by the world's reputed brands

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Is beard transplant permanent?
Once after the beard transplant surgery, the microscopically dissected grafts of a beard transplant are permanent. After a beard transplant procedure, you will be able to shave and style your facial hair as per your regular routine.
How long after beard transplant can I start shave as per my regular routine?
You can begin to shave at 15 to 20 days after the procedure. Most of the transplanted hairs will fall out typically by two to three weeks. This is normal, as the hairs will start to grow back in one or two months later to give your full beard look.
How long does beard transplant take to heal?
It takes 15 to 20 days to heal.
How many grafts do I need for a full beard?
Number of graft depends upon the bigger the beard area and shape required. Generally 1200 to 2000 Graft is required for full beard.
What vitamins are good for beard hair growth?
vitamin C, biotin, and vitamin A. these vitamins and minerals are said to produce thicker, healthier hair.

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